Twin Flames: Healing Distrust (Summer Solstice to Fall Equinox)

In January, I spoke about the Sirius Portal that opened during the New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th and continues through the eclipses and Lion’s Gate.  That portal is bringing an influx of energy that is expanding our high hearts and creating a deeper balance between our masculine and feminine during the equinox.  It’s also a year of clearing as Saturn is conjunct the South Node for much of it and all that’s being cleared is creating space for this shift.  

The Summer Solstice marks the ingress of the Sun into Cancer and soon we will reach the New Moon Eclipse in Cancer.  The next two months will be a very intense part of this process, especially for twin flames and sacred unions, as they work towards healing broken trust between the masculine and feminine energies.  Broken trust goes back to the fall of Atlantis and the shift into duality consciousness.  Ever since, humanity has been at the mercy of separation consciousness.  When life is viewed through the lens of separation, then love can too easily be taken away and we resist surrendering to it.  True twin flames are on the front lines of the ascension working to shift humanity back into oneness.  

The messages that came through during my last video are very much in line with this wave of energy, showing both the masculine and feminine are living in a state of defensiveness based on fear of betrayal.  There is a quote by Tennessee Williams, “We have to distrust each other.  It’s our only defense against betrayal.”  As humans we’ve built walls around ourselves and our hearts.  We’ve shut down our emotions.  We’ve developed masks to prevent people from seeing what hurts us.  Rarely do we act in accordance with our hearts because our ego senses the threat from doing that.  Ascension requires us to love unconditionally but how to do that when to fully open our hearts to love might mean we experience pain?  

This is going to be a real test to see how far we’ve come in our process.  It requires a deep state of forgiveness and being able to see from a higher perspective that we are all one.  Separation consciousness keeps one playing the role of victim.  Moving forward as co-creators means letting go of victimization.  Part of this process will be to take time out to contemplate relationships, whether with family or lovers, and consider how they have impacted your ability to be open to love.  Often the closing of our hearts starts in childhood with our parental relationship.  A large part of our heart walls come from our wounded inner child.  Spend sometime connecting with that part of yourself.  Part of our mission as twin flames is collecting the lost and fragmented parts of ourselves so we can return to wholeness.  

Most of this shift revolves around the masculine energy.  The masculines role is to protect and it has done that very well by creating the walls, masks and non-emotional states that I mentioned, all in the name of self preservation.  The feminine energy has come a long way and is ready to blossom more fully but it cannot as the masculine, in an attempt to protect, is stifling the feminines creative freedom and love through fears of betrayal, rejection and abandonment.  The masculine energy is not trying to limit the feminine but does this with love and good intentions.

Remember we are all masculine and feminine energy and in this context doesn’t relate to gender but to energy.  The first step towards healing this rift is to start within.  What is your relationship with your own inner masculine?  What we feel inside is what we project onto others.  Do you distrust your own inner masculine?  If you have a hard time trusting yourself, being yourself, following your intuition or making decisions, you likely need healing around your inner masculine.  Your inner masculine could be working hard to keep you safe by keeping your walls in place even as you struggle to move beyond them.

What I see happening for many that carry the divine feminine template (while we are all both masculine and feminine, as twin flames, one usually anchors the divine feminine templates while the other chooses to anchor the divine masculine templates), is being tested regarding the inner masculine.  Many are challenged through their twin flames or being guided towards soul mate relationships to help them understand what hidden fears they might be projecting.  Are you running from relationships or still codependent?  Many have been alone for long periods waiting for their twin flame.  That 5D connection can become a “safe zone” where one is always loved yet the masculine part of the self isn’t really challenged to remove the walls.  Soul mates can be helpful in this type of situation.  

It’s really important to remember that your twin flame will mirror your unhealed aspects.  Using my own journey as an example, when I most wanted my twin flames attention he would often ignore me.  It took a long time for me to realize that growing up, all the masculine energy in my family ignored me.  That was an unhealed aspect of the masculine energy that my twin flame would reawaken to show me the projection.  Subconsciously, part of me expected to be ignored.  In turn, I didn’t trust my own inner masculine energy to not abandon when I needed it.  It took many years of hard work to trust that my inner masculine would stand up and protect me when required.  We always need to be vigilant in uncovering projections and not just blaming others.

For those anchoring the divine masculine template, what I see is many are looking at how they feel they have failed in protecting someone and blaming themselves for past failures.  It might be around previous relationships and the fact that they ran away or sabotaged the relationship by lying or having a relationship with another.  It might be feeling like they literally couldn’t protect someone who came to bodily harm or adverse circumstances or were in some other way powerless to help someone in need.  The masculine twin may fear that he can’t protect the feminine twin in some way, either consciously or unconsciously, and therefore avoids allowing themselves to open up to the other twin and cause pain for one or both of them.

The masculine energy carries “knighthood karma,” wanting to protect and save everyone.  Knighthood karma is carried by both men and women and can become an unhealed aspect of masculine energy when one feels they are responsible for saving everyone or in some other way must take care of and protect others, often to the detriment of the self.  It often translates into staying in relationships that are unhealthy in order to try and heal the other or take away their pain so they will in turn be able to love them back.

Many anchoring the divine masculine energy are also still healing aspects of forbidden love.  This can be considered another aspect of knight karma, in which the masculine is still operating under old paradigm energy and doesn’t feel free to connect with someone because to love them is somehow forbidden according to their programming.  It could be because of third party relationships, age, gender, distance, religion or any other type of old programing. In this situation, the person may feel the emotional love but erect very tight walls and limitations around themselves to prevent them from acting on the love they feel.  It goes hand in hand with emotional disconnection and not allowing themselves to be in their heart space.

We also have collective karma around relationships that affects us.  

“Men are dogs.  All cheat.”

“Women are whores.  They just want your money.”

There are many templates we have been programmed with that creates distrust and keeps our masculine energy suspicious of other peoples real motives towards us.  

Of course, there is the collective karma of separation and the denigration of the feminine energy.  It’s important that we no longer blame the masculine energy or men in general for that but realize we have all been responsible in one way or another.  We are all one and have created this human experiment together.  Both men and women have been victimized by patriarchal control and separation consciousness.  

As we move into the eclipses, there will be an energetic opening to release patriarchal wounds and templates from our DNA.  We just have to be ready to release the past and take responsibility for ourselves, our karma and claim sovereignty over old layers of patriarchal authority that no longer have the power to hold us back.  

This energy has been getting stronger over the past several weeks but as we head into the eclipses many will experience triggers to any unhealed aspects relating to distrust and betrayals.  Some have experienced what feels like a betrayal earlier in the year and over the next several weeks will continue to clear the ego aspect around it.  This is such an important shift for our creative abilities.  Healing the distrust will create another shift towards inner balance and has we all know, that inner balance then becomes express outwardly and we are surrounded by more peace and joy.  

The message that has been coming quite regularly is “let go of drama.”  It’s the ego that wants to create drama, that wants to play victim and blame others for betrayals.  Twin flames are here to create empowerment and sovereignty.  It takes some pretty hard lessons to get there but to be empowered means no one and nothing can stop you from expressing your true self, which is love.  Love is the only thing that can heal this divide between the masculine and feminine.  Your feminine side must be able to express itself from the heart and that happens fully when the masculine side feels that love so much, that it’s willing to risk possible hurt to become that love in action!  That can shift the whole external reality for twin flames.  The masculine will realize he no longer needs to wall off the feminine to keep her safe but instead merge with her, giving form and action to our manifestations and returning Gaia to oneness!   

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  1. Wow… thank you❤️ This really helps me see how deep I need to go … I need to think about all my male relationships as a child. It’s true I know my walls of distrust went up then… I’ve got some writing to do ?

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  3. Dear Marla, This energy has been playing out with me for many weeks. Re-reading this article is helpful in this seemingly difficult task. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  4. I didn’t read this before. Just now followed the link from your YouTube channel. I’m feeling that is what has been playing out in me these last 2 months. It has been the strangest energy so far & I had a hard time putting my finger on it. Thank you!

  5. What powerful messages. Each line of this article was filled with much healing that I had to put down my phone, contemplate, and feed the words into my heart and soul. WoW. ?♥️!

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