Asteroid Oracle: Chiron and Union and What’s Ahead

Today, Chiron meets up with both the Moon and asteroid Union. This is very significant because it is bringing new energy and healing for twin flame unions. Chiron is the place in our chart that connects us to our other dimensional selves or you in another timeline. It’s the place were things converge. This is representing that some elements of karma have been cleared from those timelines. The influence of the Moon is assisting in the subconscious shift that needs to happen as part of the clearing.

This conjunction is happening on the 26 degree of Pisces, whose Sabian symbol is “A harvest Moon illuminates the sky,” I have discussed the important of Chiron being on this Sabian in my Solar Eclipse video. Things are coming to a culmination and allowing us to harvest what we have been sowing.

This aspect is particularly powerful for those twin flames that met in 2012 and very early in 2013. This was shown to me because the last time that Union was conjunct Chiron was January 7, 2013, shortly after the 12-21-12 Gateway. They connected on the 6 degree of Pisces, “Illuminated by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea and mist.” Those twin flames had to lead the way through the dark and unknown. Sacrifices were required by those early twin flames to ascend into Christ consciousness and raise the goddess energies.  Now many will be able to reap rewards for their service.

As this cycle is completed, those twin flames in particular, are looking back and acknowledging the massive levels of growth they have accomplished. They very much deserve a pat on the back. While many of you had to face that journey “surrounded by mist” without knowing your destination, the pathway is now that much clearer for those that will follow. The work is not done, however.

Yesterday, I posted a poem I had written at the Lion’s Gate Solar Eclipse about healing our multidimensional past and how we have come full circle but as my guides reminded me, we really have only come 180 degrees. I’m being shown a vision that at the August eclipse during the 2017 Lion’s Gate, twins were standing together and then the feminine had to walk on by herself. At this recent eclipse, the feminine is now standing on the other side looking back at the masculine. Now they see each other as mirrors and all that it entails. They can each use the mirror productively to heal and integrate the shadow. This conjunction between Chiron and Union equates to healing something very prominent for your unions which is echoing throughout time. Now this energy is having to ground in order to manifest.

If you watched my Solar Eclipse readings for the Divine Feminine and Masculine you know how many times the card “Children” came up. In the chart for today, February 17, and throughout this Gateway, asteroid Karma is opposite asteroid Child and they are being squared by Venus today, while Mercury and the Sun will follow later. This is confirming for us that the family karma that both the divine feminine and divine masculine have been trying to clear will be successful. This is not to say that all karma is then complete but some aspect that was important to the manifestation of unions and the transformation within families is finishing and likely to culminate at the Virgo Full Moon on March 1 when the Sun and Moon form a cross aspect with Karma and Child.

The next important phase begins on February 26 when Union crosses the first degree of Aries, which is the first degree of the zodiac and onto the Sabian “A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her,” which emphasizes manifestation. Actually, the degree before, the 29th degree of Pisces is also important as it’s Sabian is “A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, as he grows up, he begins to look like it.” These two Sabian symbols work together because they confirm for us that what we think, is what we can create, and then those thoughts are made manifest, from the sea of consciousness which is Pisces, it is brought into solid form in Aries. As such, it is an important reminder to keep your thoughts focused on your true intentions for your Union.

As Union crosses this degree those early twin flames contracted for union can begin manifesting it into reality. It is representative of a rebirth and the foundation being completed. The feminine is asked to surrender, while the masculine prepares the foundation on their end. This energy will increase as we get closer to the Spring Equinox or Ostara. You can watch my video “Rebirth of the Divine Masculine” for more information on what will be happening in spring.

Continuing with the vision I was shown, the feminine will continue her walk now back to the masculine, coming full circle at the Lion’s Gate. There will be three eclipses over the summer on July 12, July 27 and August 11, including one in Cancer. These eclipses will also play a significant role. That is not to say that some unions won’t happen before then, everyone is on their own schedule. Remember that time doesn’t exist and the future is still in a state of flux as the timelines are not completely solidified.

Coming back to the current energy, there will be plenty of love and heart awakening energy for the rest of the month as Venus and Mercury meet Neptune. The Full Moon in Virgo will be conjunct Neptune as well.

Please rest! The physical symptoms are likely to increase as we get closer to the 2/22 Gateway. Your body is clearing and integrating an immense amount of information. Many of you haven’t been able to rest because of downloads. Do what you can, when you can. If you have a difficult time putting yourself first, I ask you, can you put your union first? This clearing is making way for more light to be held in your body so symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways.

Assist your body in the clearing process by whatever means you are comfortable with. Some suggestions are sage, violet flame and salt baths. In my opinion, salt baths are a necessity in this type of energy. Much karma can be cleared through intention and meditation. I have an article on clearing cords and hooks on my website that would be useful, too. Stay grounded and keep your energy shielded. Why spend an hour clearing yourself only to get back on social media or watch the news and absorb that toxic energy again? Alone time and honest self reflection is extremely helpful, as well as sleep. Sleep is our time of integration so let go of the guilt and the ‘should’s’ and allow yourself the time to rest.

Exciting shifts are happening and there is a feeling of change in the air but don’t allow yourself to be distracted and sent off course. Resting and grounding will help keep you focused in the now moment. Try not to get anxious over what is ahead as that can create expectations. Its best to keep an open mind about what, when and how things will unfold. When we aren’t shown too far ahead, that is because humans have a tendency to self sabotage when they know too much. Positive, grounded and non-resistant works best.

Written by Marla Kelly at Twinstrology

February 17, 2018

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8 Comments on “Asteroid Oracle: Chiron and Union and What’s Ahead”

  1. your article is really interesting… specially the times and dates you mention fit so well into my own timeline…
    mid 2012 i met my twin flame, it had been a really beautiful and rough journey, with lots of not knowing how to go forward and separation.
    then inside the lionsgate 2017 on full moon we made a baby, which is growing now in my belly and since then the union stableized so much…
    specifically this last two weeks i feel so much information downloading, not that it was not there before but now im able to grasp and asimilate it and change my behaviour accordingly.

    thanks for that very nice explication!

    1. Omg, we got an image of creating a baby at that time, but things happened…well its created 🙂 but not physically yet. 🙂
      So wonderful that other twins are experiencing the same stuff.
      This is truly amazing.
      All the blessings to new family. <3

      Thank You Marla! <3

  2. Hi.

    Love this article. I think it’ll be super helpful if you drop the links to the articles and readings you mention so people can easily check it out.

    I think the official term is interlinking. It also helps with seo and blog traffic.

  3. I just read this article tonight on 27 Feb 2018, but it is belping me make sense of everything even at this time. So I am thanking you Marla!! With gratitude, Sally :))

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