Asteroid Oracle June 1, 2017

Normally when I do these updates, I list the aspect that I am focusing on in the title but today, and into this weekend, is the the energy of what I call a cluster f*ck. To be specific, a cluster f*ck is when we have many planets and points aspecting each other in the chart. We have Venus and Uranus joined up, Venus making a grand trine with Saturn and the Nodes, Saturn oppose Mars, Mars square Chiron, we have a mystic rectangle with Mars, Saturn and the North and South Node. Asteroid Union is exactly conjunct the South Node and being joined by Valentine, asteroid of true love. WHEW…..intense, especially if you have planets around 25-28 degrees in your natal chart.

I have made two reports speaking about the energy this week, my bi-weekly energy report and a Special Update with my soul sister Keleena Malnar, in which I talked about how I see this energy as helping us to clear the karma we have been struggling with. The person or belief that keeps coming up over and over again or that you just can’t seem to break free of. That mystic rectangle is potent energy to assist in letting go of whatever that is. Venus conjunct Uranus, which will be exact in two days, may deliver a situation or aha moment to assist you also. It’s time to bring in the new and that means creating space for it.

Chiron is pivotal to this process. Many astrologers dismiss Chiron but I have been working with his energy for a while and he is very under-rated. Chiron is our soul wound, but in addition, he is a connection to our multi-dimensionality and allows us to energetically go back and heal those past life wounds.

Mars and Saturn are forming a T-square with Chiron and the North Node is quincunx him. Many of you will be feeling anger, through the energy of Mars, this weekend as these triggers come up yet again for you. As Mars opposes Saturn, you will be shown how you are restricted and if you look closely, you will see this always comes back to you restricting yourself.

This is deep past life work. It is likely necessary for you to spend time alone and be brutally honest with yourself about where and why you are holding yourself back. Look at the wound. Clean it out. It will fester if you do not confront it. It may be painful but through the pain, clarity of thought is born.

This brings me to the angel card message I drew for the collective today, “Opportunity to Forgive.” The message reads, “This situation brings you the opportunity to heal, grow, and release negative patterns. Hold the intention of seeing the others person’s inner divine light and goodness. We will help you release unforgiving thoughts, feelings, and energies, and lift you to a higher place of peace and compassion (from Doreen Virtues Daily Messages from the Angels Oracle deck).”

Use this energy for release. Take time to meditate on who it is you need to forgive. With contemplation the situation will become clear. By forgiving we are not condoning but freeing ourselves to move past it. Negativity blocks our creative energy. In many cases you will realize that the person you need to forgive the most is you!

With asteroid Union joined with the South Node of past life karma, you may very well be experiencing anger or hurt around your divine partner. Don’t resist it. Let it come to the surface, and again, look at it with a detached and honest eye. What is the emotion telling you? The whole awakening process requires such brutal honesty with self.

The Moon opposes Neptune today as well and this aspect can bring out our compassion but make us very emotional. If you need to release through tears, that is alright! Tears are a good way to cleanse.

Venus is at the core of this cluster and reminds us that love is key. Love is the transmuting force in the universe and it is love that breaks the karmic chains.

The Sun travels across the Sabian symbol, “A black slave girl demands her rights of her mistress.” This symbol represents freeing ourselves from oppression and limitations. If we do not demand it ourselves, things will not change. It is up to us to create the life we desire.

Written by Marla Kelly, Intuitive Astrologer and Channel

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  1. Noticed my email address was mistyped. It’s been a little while since I’ve sent a message this way so that’s good. danettejenee not danettejener 🙂
    Curious what degree that Sabian symbol is. I’ll comment on FB
    Thanks for the article ?

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  3. I love all of your readings and YouTube videos! I hope you can come to MN for your tour! Chicago is a bit far for me.. would love to see you in person! Thank You for all you do!

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