Finding Balance (Triggered to Find Your Power Part II)

The last few days I have been getting the message BALANCE. This is a key to the twin flame dynamic and why I wrote my last post about “Triggered to Find Your Power.”

When twin flames come together, it is the feminine energy that must find their balance first. The masculine is going to trigger you all over the place. That is why they do everything except what you want them to do or what is expected in a “normal” relationship. This is all the time pushing the feminine into their place of power which leads to ascension.

All through this time frame the masculine looks as if they have everything together. They will test the feminine to the limits who will go everywhere looking for love and validation until that magically moment when they find it within themselves and achieve BALANCE!

Guess what happens next? Yep, as soon as the feminine finds themselves and their inner power, oops! The masculine is thrown off balance. Suddenly, he finds himself in the unsteady current searching for truth and power everywhere outside of himself until he looks within and comes to terms with the truth.

The masculine will not be tested to find his balance until the feminine achieves balance first. Do you understand why it is so important for you to reach into yourself and love yourself? Sure, the masculine is doing work and growing through the whole experience but they are not really pushed until they get the signal from the feminine that she is ready.

It wouldn’t do for both twins to be off balance at the same time. One of them has to be the grounding force or things fly out of control. That is why we require this balance and inner strength.

There really is not much point continually going around in circles in your head wondering why your twin isn’t doing this or that. Why they aren’t communicating or why they are staying in their old relationship. The universe is not punishing you but assisting your soul growth. Nothing will shift until you find love and balance within.

Marla Kelly Channel, Astrologer, Intuitive

8 Comments on “Finding Balance (Triggered to Find Your Power Part II)”

  1. Thank you so much again, Marla. For your always spot on ‘inconvenient truth’. Comforting, supportive and honest. It keeps me going on the intense journey with this man who ‘forces’ me to become the best version of myself, who is the most perfect reminder of my ability to fly, my ‘ego-crusher’, my beloved through time and space. Thank you. Much love. Judith

  2. Thank you. How does the feminine achieve balance? What is the first step?
    I would love to do a reading for me to explore this. Monisha

    1. You find balance through purging the old beliefs systems. There is no way to rush “balance”. It happens when it happens. You have to go through the process of finding yourself.

  3. Hi there! How can the feminine detach from her twin energetically? We have physically detached but of course I think of him all the time as I love him unconditionally but have come to realize he has to walk his own path now. I am so glad I found you as you have assisted me with some clarity on this crazy twin flame journey I have been on! Blessings to you!

    1. You are always energetically attached to your twin flame and that can’t be broken. I am speaking more of obsessing about them, constantly sending them love and healing or otherwise trying to connect with them energetically. It gets to be too much and it drains a lot of energy that you should be sending to yourself. They have to learn to navigate the journey without our help. Just like we learned, they will learn too. Thank you!

  4. I sometimes wonder about this all, cos sure, I recognize things, I do think about him a lot, but I do not attempt to heal him, am not constantly sending love etc. I am working on my own goals, am manifesting them too. I had my fill of co-dependency, don’t want another one. What we have is too precious to ruin it with that.
    And what really doesn’t resonate: not only does he do ALL the things one would expect in a ‘normal’ relationship, he does much more than I ever thought a man would do. And he has been doing so since we met July 2016.
    No, it hasn’t been easy. But I think I bashed out a lot of old stuff with my ex, a narcissist. Very unpleasant, but taught me a lot. He had a similar experience with his ex. Maybe we benefit from that now?

    Sometimes I wonder why my relationship is often so different from what I usually read? Sure, there has been major triggering, mostly me. That is getting less though, as I am healing. With his support, but I do the work. I don’t want a therapeutic relationship. Neither tries to fill in/take away the lessons of the other. We allow each other our own processes, but support when need be.
    It’s as if in my relationship we grow more simultaneously than what I always read online.

  5. Hello, Marla! My name’s Ana and I’m from Portugal. You are such a blessing in my life for all the information i get from you about the twinflame journey, in which i find myself in. It started 3 years ago. I met Vitor when i was at the final stage of my marriage, an abusive one. Last year, in August, Vitor run away from our connection for the 3rd time. And today, after that full moon I saw him running again after 6 months on relationship. I’ve been learning a lot about this journey, i’ve been divinely guided through all the signs and syncs that i keep seeing on a daily basis. My first number was 11 and i keep seeing it everywhere. I know there is so much more for me to learn or he wouldn’t have run away again. He is a very earthly and practical man. This spiritual thing doesn’t exist in his way of seeing things. He believes i love him, yes, i do, unconditionally, or I wouldn’t have accepted him back after all the bad things he said to me. But he says that he doesn’t love the same way i love him. I know he has suffered a lot in previous relationships, as a child and he has a lack o self-esteam. He doesn’t love himself. How can he love me if he doesn’t love himself as I reflect on him all that he doesn’t like about himself? I know i must be in balance myself in order for us to be together. I’ve been doing and changing my life and my perspective the way i’m guided, facing some health problems at the moment…but it gets so hard at this times to keep going and believe this is it and that he is the one when he keeps telling me that he isn’t. I know, deep inside i know it’s just an illusion. But it’s hard! Many kisses! Thank you! ❤

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