Twin Flame Message: Divine Masculine Shift

This transcript is an excerpt of a conversation I had with my clients higher self during a Beyond Quantum Healing session on September 13, 2020.

Marla:  One of the things that she said to me earlier was that she feels like a failure because of the situation with her twin flame.  Is that the truth?

Clients Higher Self:  She is not a failure.  She is not a failure but she has perceived his actions from a negative view.  She superimposed rejection when he has not rejected her, he is just not ready.  She has listened to too many non-twin people.  She should be more connected with real twins because she is a twin and she has been trying to survive with singulars and they have misunderstood her.  On some level she has wanted to run from her twin because she doesn’t know what is really happening with him and she is afraid it is worse than it is.  

[We discuss further situations impacting her twin flame connection.]

Marla:  Will [her twin] be able to get himself out of these things? 

Clients Higher Self:  Yes.  

Marla:  So when something happens and it brings up fear in her about what is happening with him, what can she do to realign herself with the direction you would like her to be in?

Higher Self:  She should realign to the light and to the goddess.  She should trust in the infinite intelligence of the universe, the divine, and understand that the story they are playing out right now is a story and it is temporary.  Not to give too much power and solidity to the story.  

Marla:  It seems like they have chosen a very hard path with many things to be overcome.

Higher Self:  Yes. 

Marla:  One of the things going on is this triangular relationship with her twin and there is much dark energy attached to it.  How can she help resolve the situation with this triangular (karmic) relationship?

Higher Self:  It is already being resolved.  There is nothing more that she need do about it.  She should not give it any more attention.  

Marla:  Does she need to do anything to protect herself or is she enclosed in protection already?

Higher Self:  She must stand tall in love.  She must not allow fear to take her over.  She must notice when fear comes up and release it.  She must understand that NOTHING and NO ONE can ever, never, ever come between her and her twin.  Nothing and no one can come between them.  It is an illusion.

[We continue to discuss other situations on their twin journey and her higher self speaks regarding some of their obstacles.]

Marla:  Will these things be resolved like the triangular relationship?

Higher Self:  She cannot do anything about these things.  Her twin must confront these situations and leave them.  It has gone on too long.  He has dragged his feet because he has fear about how he can make these changes.

He is feeling the repercussions of this now.  He is feeling immense grief and sadness.  And it is not lost on him that it is of his own doing.  He has had opportunities to step away and he has not.  

What she can do is continue to send love to him and uplift him in spirit.  She has gotten upset with him and that has not helped.  It is good that she stays away from him until he clears these things in his life.  Until they can safely speak to one another (in 3D) she can meet him in the healing chamber (5D).  He knows what he has to do he just has not done it.  

Marla:  What is holding him back?

Higher Self:  Fear…fear of repercussions, fear of the unknown.  Not being in his power, not trusting his gifts and not trusting his love.  Caring too much about material belongings and other peoples opinions.  

Marla:  Some of these things are being mirrored in her life.  For example, you said he has not embraced his true gifts and she is also working on embraced her true gifts.

Higher Self:  Yes.  

Marla:  He is not in his power and she is learning how to embrace her power.  Is she assisting him as she does this?

Higher Self:  Yes, she will assist him by doing, by becoming, by being who she truly is, by shining strong and bright.  This is how she will assist him.  For his light will become so strong and bright that the darkness shall no longer desire to be near him and this is how she can affect this situation.

Marla:  One question she had for you, and which may apply to him as well, is how can she transform the victim paradigm that she still struggles with?

Higher Self:  By becoming the creator, step by step, moment by moment.  Choosing her true self, honoring her feelings, honoring her light, honoring her intuition, honoring her love and honoring herself. By valuing herself and loving herself.  She must also connect with others who support her in being her true self.  Others who love and acknowledge who she really is.  Rather than being around broken mirrors or people who fear her power or try to squelch her light.  

She has it all within her.  She must understand that she is already this.  It is not something she must become.  She is already there.  She must just act upon it now.  

[We go on to talk about trauma her twin has suffered and how it contributes to his fears and behaviors.]

Marla:  Lately she has been depressed and not taking care of herself physically as she normally would.  Do you have any advice for her on this?

Higher Self:  She has been feeling the deep sadness of her twin.  Her twin has feared that he has lost her.  He has feared he has lost her for good.  He is the one who is more depressed.  She should clear for him the fear and sadness, the grief, along with the other work that she is doing and she should get regular exercise.  

She has thought these to be her feelings but they are more his.  For he is also going through an awakening and is in a dark night of the soul.  He is seeing the impact of his negative actions and he is feeling great remorse.  He knows that he has stayed in situations beyond their expiration date and the pain has increased.  The pain has increased because he has not taken the actions he needs to take.  

Marla:  Is this happening for many divine masculine twins right now?

Higher Self:  Oh yes…pressure!  The pressure is only going to increase.  It is their time.  The light is shining upon them brightly and in this light they see clearly.  They see the ways they have denied themselves.  They see the ways they have denied their truth.  And there is grief, sorrow and a call to action now.  They are being called to move into their hearts and stand with their swords.  They are in deep battle.  They are going through the time that their counterparts already fulfilled.  

Their 3D selves, their personalities, are in the fires.  Some may be even having nervous breakdowns. They can no longer live in the way that they once did.  They can no longer ignore who they truly are for it is a death.  Many of them are dying.  Not in their bodies dying, but they are dying to the toxic male, they are dying to the patriarchal male.  They are dying to the masculine that is without feminine.  

Many of them can bear pain beyond compare and they do not understand that the pain is not meant for them to bear but to be released.  They were not made to live in fear and shame.  They were not made to do the work of others.  They were not made to fulfill the false self.  They were made to put all of these things down.  They came to bring a new day!  And their counterparts, they must show them the way.  

The roles flip and they flip once more.  And back and forth.  

Marla:  Will this bring reunion for twins?  Are many nearing the end of the separation phase?

Higher Self:  Yes, many are.  For the ones who know, they must stand ready.  They must be ready to take action when the higher self arranges meetings.  The higher self arranges through the spirit realm and through the guides.  They must be ready.  There are no maps.  There are just moments and each will be called.  It is like the sound of the angels.  When the angels blow their trumpets they must be ready to go.  They must take the steps in the moments that they are inspired to take.  

They have so much assistance!  The whole spiritual realm is working night and day.  The twins need to know that they have help at every turn.  They must request assistance.  They must ask for what they need and take an active role in bringing about the union.  It is a dance.  They must stay committed.  Many cannot see all the help that they have and they give up on themselves too quickly.  They allow their wounded selves and victim identities to come in too strongly.  They must fight.  Each set of twins must raise their vibration to the vibration of union.  And they do this by allowing.

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Marla:  Thank you for that beautiful message for the twin flame community.  Is there anything else you would like to say to her or to me or the collective before we close this session?

Higher Self:  You are doing wonderful work.  Know that the light that you channel and shine so brightly is extending out and every time you call the angels and ascended masters, the divine realm, they answer and they amplify your light.  And they bow to you for your courage and bravery.  

Marla:  Thank you for that message. It is truly inspiring to me and I thank you for talking with me and all that you have shared today.  

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! It explains many things. Much needed at the time. We are all in this together! All stay strong & bold with the power of an open heart and true love! Thank you Marla!

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